Johnny D. Boggs

Nine-Time Spur Award Winner

Winner of the Western Heritage Wrangler Award

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Film Studies

The American West on Film Johnny D Boggs

Short Story Collection

“… Johnny D. Boggs is the natural heir to the famous old purveyors of Westerns. ‘The Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories’ shows why. It is a collection of tales of the West, the Southern Frontier, and even the Civil War, written with wit and imagination. … Each one illustrates why Boggs is considered a top hand.”

Sandra Dallas

The Denver Post

Baseball Westerns

Killstraight Series Five Star, 2008-2022

Guns & Gavel Series Signet, 2001-2003

Hannah and the Horseman Series Avalon Books, 1997-2001

Contributions to Western Writers of America Anthologies

Short Story Anthologies

More Short Stories

1. $300Portfolio (University of South Carolina student literary magazine), 1983.
2. Irish WhiskeyPortfolio, 1984.
3. The Cedar TreeUnknowns, 1988.
4. StandoffDan River Anthology, 1989.
5. Crawford McGeeRead Me, 1990.
6. Blue NortherTucumcari Literary Magazine, 1990.
7. Gun on the WallDan River Anthology, 1990.
8. The Time We Buried Caleb KetchumBroken Dreams anthology, 1992.
9. Electric FencesThe Village Idiot, 1992.
10. The Woman in Charge of the DeadThe Advocate, 1993.
11. Top SoldierStrictly Fiction anthology, 1993.
12. The Snoring ManRed Herring Mystery Magazine, 1994.
13. BlueLouis L’Amour Western Magazine, 1995.
14. The Man Who SneezedFrontier Trails, 1996.
15. Never was a HorseThe Cowboy Gazzette, 1996.
16. The Way to Powder RiverBig Sky Stories, 1996.
17. Jubal JohnThe Shootist, 1997.
18. WolfersBig Sky Stories, 1997.
19. To See the ElephantBoys’ Life, 1997.
20. The Preacher of ScabtownThe Shootist, 1998.
21. Quanah Parker’s GiftWestern Digest, 1998.
22. Kris and the CowboyThe Shootist, 1998 (reprinted, The Shootist, 1999).
23. Nohito-a-TaiboThe Shootist, 1999.
24. Massacre at Chest of Drawers MountainRaleigh (N.C.) News & Observer, 2000.
25. A Piano at Dead Man’s CrossingAmerican West: Twenty New Stories from the Western Writers of America, Forge Books, 2001.
26. Mesmerizer CanyonThe Shootist, 2001.
27. Night HuntThe Shootist, 2002.
28. The Water BearerBoys’ Life, 2007.
29. The Cody WarLost Trails, Pinnacle Books, 2007.
30. Red River CrossingThe Best Stories of the American West, Volume I, Forge Books, 2007.
31. Anthony’s RideBoys’ Life, 2010.
32. Death Comes to DeaconvilleRoundup! Western Writers of America Presents Great Stories of the West from Today’s Leading Western Writers, La Frontera Publishing, 2010.
33. Mr. Kennedy’s BonesGhost Towns, Pinnacle Books, 2010.
34. Rites of AutumnBoys’ Life, 2010.
35. The Trouble with DudesLaw of the Gun, Pinnacle Books, 2010.
36. Plantin’ Season Cactus Country: An Anthology of All Things Western, Volume 1, Cactus Country Publishing, 2011.
37. The Curse of LaBreaMore Tales of Zorro: 16 All New Short Stories. Moonstone, 2011.
38. The Boy Who Hunted Grasshoppers Boys’ Life, 2012.
39. The Legend of SilverThe Lone Ranger Chronicles. Moonstone, 2012.
40. Breaking NewsCactus Country Anthology: Volume III, Cactus Country Publishing, 2013.
41. I Am Hugh GunterRough Country. High Hill Press, 2013.
42. When I Rode with the BoysEllen: A Collection of Stories and Essays in Honor of Ellen Gray Massey. Progress, 2015.
43. Comanche Camp at DawnNocona Burgess: The American Indian Cowboy. Nocona Burgess/Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art, 2016.
43. Umpire Colt Showdown. High Hill Press, 2016.
44. The San Angela Stump Match of 1876West Texas Lore & Legend. Permian Basin Bookies, 2017.
45. Meet the New Dick PowellMysteries of the Ozarks, Vol. 5. Goldminds, 2017.
46. The Judgment TreeThe Trading Post and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2018.
47. Tonto, Teddy and the RangerThe Lone Ranger and Tonto: Frontier Justice. Moonstone, 2018.
48. Jacks or BetterLivin’ on Jacks and Queens: An Anthology of Gambling in the Old West. Sundown Press, 2018.
49. ContentionContention and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2019.
50. LegendHobnail and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2019.
51. Two Old ComanchesFire Mountain and Other Survival Stories. Five Star, 2021.
52. The Cobbler of Spanish Fort –The Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2022.
53. The Antioch County All-Star GameThe Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2022.
54. The Barber of FlorenceThe Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories. Five Star, 2022.

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